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Mermaid Mutiny here is 1/2 Mi’kmaq and we were digging up Mi’kmaq legends on mermaids. Some of the aboriginal groups in Canada have them, and some don’t. (I’m always going on about Sedna the Inuit legend I love so much!) Anyway, Mutiny was able to find this legend called Sabawaelnu. They have the upper bodies of people and the lower bodies of fish. They wont harm people who show them respect, and they have power over storms. So cool! 

When we do the local multicultural festival one of the workshops we do is on Nautical lore from across the globe, and obviously I use the specific examples of mermaids. There are so so so many variations on the mermaid legend or some form of water woman. it is just too cool. Kids love learning about it and so do adults. I think it is neat that the myth of mermaids transcends all cultures. It’s unifying. there’s something pretty cool about that :) 

Anyway, to learn more about the wicked cool Sabawaelnu (or halfway people) check out this link.

dreamingofsirens asked:

Where did you get your fabric tail? I want a fabric (looking for something somewhat cheap, but looks realistic) without having to send my arm and leg for it.

My green tail was from UraMermaid and I painted the fluke myself. My purple tail is from Mermaids of Hawaii but Citrine isn’t taking tail orders anymore (and honestly, I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the tail. I’ll be repainting it myself and touching up some problem areas). Aside from making it yourself, I think your best bet for a cheap, quality, and fairly realistic tail is FinFun. They recently released some new designs that are much more realistic than their previous tails and I’ve had an eye on them myself. Good luck!

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