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A ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ Swim…

Merlissa the Mermaid at the Oregon Renaissance Fair, 2014.

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry for the lack of a consistent queue. I’ve been dealing with a lot of real world issues lately and haven’t had the time to dedicate to the queue. It looks as though things are settling down for me now, so I’m going to try to get posts lined up this weekend. For now, I’ll keep reblogging other tumblr mers and publishing any submissions! And I’m always available for asks! Thanks for your patience! <3

Confetti Starfish Bow

Muslin bow with hand painted confetti details. This glittery bow is like no other & has a mini real sugar sea star. In the back it has a mini alligator clip, so it can be worn comfortably in your hair.

Bow Width: 4 3/4”

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